The Chemistry of SEO Rankings.

Below is The Peri­odic Table of SEO Rank­ing Fac­tors. It clearly defines what makes you impor­tant to google and other search engines. You’ll watch your web­site do cart wheels over the com­pe­ti­tion work­ing on these basic “ele­ments”. From the looks of it, qual­ity con­tent and con­nect­ing to oth­ers is a pow­er­ful mix.

Fixing WordPress’ Auto-Update (WordPress 3.3.1 on CentOS Linux)

Hav­ing trou­ble with Word­Press’ auto update fea­ture? Con­fronting errors like “could not copy file…”  or is Word­Press ask­ing for FTP information?

Your prob­lem is most likely server per­mis­sions. If you have shell access to your own VPS/dedicated server, use the lines below. If you’re using a shared host­ing setup, try option #4 below, or con­tact your admin­is­tra­tor for help.

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Installing Zen theme for Drupal 7

Why Zen Theme?

The Zen theme is the nat­ural first step when them­ing Dru­pal. It reduces Dru­pal down to the essen­tials, allow­ing for a solid foun­da­tion to build up from. The alter­na­tive? Copy­ing files from the core themes is messy, and start­ing from scratch is time-consuming.

Down­load the Zen Theme. Included is the base zen theme and sub-theme tem­plate, STARTERKIT.

Copy every­thing into sites/all/themes/zen on your web server. Move the STARTERKIT folder up a level into sites/all/themes. Separating the base theme makes upgrad­ing zen the sim­ple mat­ter of over­writ­ing the zen folder with the newer ver­sion. Files within the zen folder will remain unal­tered. All con­fig­u­ra­tion is done within the STARTERKIT sub-theme. Read More »

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